Get Paid to Read E-Mail

Get paid to RECEIVE short e-mail ads. You will receive periodic e-mails regarding the topics you select. Each program shares a portion of the Ad revenue with those that read the email Ads.

It is recommended that you sign-up for many or all these FREE programs. The more companies you sign-up with, the more paid emails you will receive, and the more money you will make.

However, for those who don't want to sign-up for them all, then sign-up for some and try them out.

Free "Get Paid to Read Email" Programs
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  • CashByClicks (new)
  • InBoxDollars
  • Swappers & Collectors
  • RefRewards
  • E-Mail Pays U
  • Hits4Pay
  • MyPaidEmails
  • My-Cash-Email
  • Cash A Day
  • SendMoreInfo
  • Ouah!
  • 3-2-1 Mail
  • CashMoneyEmail
  • IncentiveMail
  • ReadClick
  • EarningForce
  • Total E-mail
  • Mail For Europe (available internationally)
  • Inboxcash
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    • You do not need to sign-up any referals. If you do sign-up a few friends or family members, then your pay grows faster. Otherwise it just grows for the paid email messages which you personally receive.

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